I was thinking, today, about the wonderful art exhibition of a dear friend.  It is my privilege to be a friend of Kim Edwards; a very talented local artist, but also a very lovely friend.


Over the years of our friendship, I’ve learnt more and more about Kim’s work.  I respect how much feeling she puts into her work and I appreciate how she responds to light, shadow, movement and form; all of which feature strongly in much of Kim’s work.  I particularly love the ‘mood’ expressed in Kim’s work.  There is a depth of feeling expressed, in both her dusky landscapes and powerful sky-scapes, that I am drawn to.

Kim is both a Painter and a Printmaker. You can view Kim’s work, on her web site; but do make a point of looking at the page entitled ‘Archive’, for much of Kim’s work is featured there.  The link to Kim’s web site is below:

Kim’s Web Site

Kim was recently invited to hold an exhibition of some of her latest work, at the highly renowned Snape Maltings Gallery.  Kim usually has a couple of pieces on display, for sale, but this was a broader exhibition of Kim’s work.  The exhibition ran from February 13th 2016 to 20th March 2016.

I was delighted to attended the launch event, on February 13th, and I was immediately swept along by the ‘buzz’ in the air; the positive excitement at the revealing of Kim’s latest pieces.  Kim has become a well known Suffolk based artist and she has developed a strong following.  Here are some photos from the launch event:

In 2012, Kim was invited to exhibit at The Royal Academy of Arts, in London.  This was an incredibly prestigious honour and just further evidences how wide the reach of Kim’s reputation is and how well regarded her work as an Artist is.

You can learn more about the Royal Academy of Arts at the following link:

Royal Academy of Arts Web Site

So, do look out for Kim, exhibiting locally here on the Suffolk coast.


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  1. Thank you for this dean -know it was a while ago – Kim is so talented and her work evokes so much feeling and captures the feel of a place in a moment in time – her work she did at the look out at Aldeburgh is looking vet exciting

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