Bouncing Pensioners and Crazy Dogs

Today, I attended another physio appointment.  I never thought that I would, but I am now well into my course of physio.  It’s actually going very well.  When physiotherapy was first suggested to me, by my Doctor, my immediate images were of Olivia Newton-John singing ‘Let’s Get Physical’ and images of 1980’s and 1990’s breakfast… Read More


Chairs and Cheesecake

Today, I am thinking about the lack of provision of seating for people with disabilities, or even just frailties, in many of our communal areas such as shops, high streets, parks and other day to day venues that we all need to visit.  It has been since developing chronic illness that I have become acutely… Read More

Continuing Bonds

All too often, my family has experienced loss and the inevitable grief that follows.  I learnt, at the young age of six years, what it means for a person to die.  I learnt what it is to experience the following gaping hole of loss in our lives and I learnt that grief is a powerful force that takes… Read More

Kicking a Businessman

Theatreland.  Covent Garden. Some friends of ours own a couple of properties in Covent Garden and kindly offered us use of one of them; a delightful studio apartment in Neal Street.  A weekend away.  Perfect. I had noticed some anxiety rising at the idea of travelling on Public Transport.  This was largely due to the… Read More