Any decent Counsellor or Psychotherapist will continue to invest time in their own continuing professional development (CPD).  Sadly, all too often I am aware of Counsellors and Psychotherapists who try to do the bare minimum in terms of CPD.  Some even think that once they qualify, that is it, they are ready to practice for the rest of their working life, without seeking to actively partake in CPD.  Fortunately, this field is becoming increasingly regulated, in the UK, and so to achieve and maintain Accreditation; CPD is now a requirement.

The National Counselling Society and the  Professional Standards Authority

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care, is an independent body; which is accountable to Parliament and is responsible for overseeing the UK’s nine health and social care regulatory bodies.

The Accredited Register (formerly known as The Accredited Voluntary Register) was set up by the Department of Health to ensure that the public are able to choose safe, ethical and competent professionals for their health and social care needs.  This includes Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

To see a short video for an explanation about The Professional Standards Authority and the Accredited Register, simply select the following link:

Video: The Professional Standards Authority

I am an Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society.  This is why I can display the letters ‘MNCS (Acc)’ after my name and this is why I can display the logo of The National Counselling Society.

The National Counselling Society has had its register of Accredited Counsellors accredited by The Professional Standards Authority.  I meet the standards of the Accredited Register and I am authorised to display the Accredited Register logo; which evidences that Counsellors and Psychotherapists belong to a register which meets The Professional Standards Authority’s rigorous standards.

AVR Updated Logo 2015

Clients of Counsellor’s will, from now on, be encouraged by The Department of Health to choose Accredited Counsellors and Psychotherapists belonging to a register which has been vetted and approved by the authority.

As an Accredited Counsellor and Psychotherapist I can now demonstrate that I meet the high standards of governance, training, management, client welfare policy, and the setting of standards that are required by the Professional Standards Authority.

You will find the Accredited Register logo on my website;, alongside the logo that represents my accreditation with The National Counselling Society.  You can be fully assured that I meet the high standards required by the Department of Health in the UK; for practicing as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist.




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