Plan Your Way Out of Winter Blues

The tourists have left, children are back at school, farmers have almost completed their harvests and, to be found in fields around most villages, plump pumpkins add a warm orange glow to the landscape. Here, in the beautiful English county of Suffolk, people are soaking up the occasional warm days left over from summer, stocking up on… Read More


Techniques for Talking

You’ve probably heard of the expression “Feeling tongue tied”; meaning unable to speak or to speak fully.  Communication is often more challenging than we give credit.  Certainly, this also applies if you ever go to seek the help of a Counsellor or Psychotherapist.  My clients often get into the counselling room and then find that… Read More

Identity Matters

Like many of my clients, I have sometimes been faced with considering my own identity.  Although I largely appear healthy and well, I live with chronic illness. which has certainly challenged my perception of myself and has tested every aspect of my life.  So, when I work with clients who face re-evaluating themselves or who… Read More

Approaching Self-Harm

To set the therapeutic context most widely regarded as integral to understanding and treating self-harm, one would consider the work of Melanie Klein (1882 – 1960).  Melanie Klein is widely regarded for developing Object Relations Theory.  An adult sufferer of depression herself and, through her work with one of Sigmund Freud’s (1856 – 1939)students; Sandor Ferenczi… Read More