A brown suitcase entrusted unto me
In black and white she dances and smiles
An archive of much treasured history
Her story captivates and beguiles.

The ballerina and her family
Their scrap book tales of travelling miles
Photos and letters saved so carefully
Depict triumphs, joys, their plight and trials.

Drawings in chalk from the last century
Edwardian journeys, ships and styles
Sepia records of society
Troubling tales of hardships awhile.

Distant bombings they were witness to see
Dancing certificates stored in piles
Who would this young dancer grow up to be?
I wish I had a number to dial.

For now the suitcase remains here with me
My quest; to find the ballerina
Can you help me? I can tell you her name…
….’Valerie Morris’…have you seen her?

(c) Dean Parsons.  January 2018.


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