Plant Mystery

I cannot help but gaze out of the meeting room window, into the gardens of The Resource Centre, in Wickham Market, and notice the beautiful orange roses and the massive shrub with beautiful orange flowers. I have no idea what it is, though! It’s a massive shrub of about 14ft x 16ft. I’ve not seen this anywhere else, before.

Does anyone know what it is? Please do leave your answers in the comments, below.

What is evident, is just how much the beautiful bees adore the flowers. Given how at risk bees are becoming, we need more plants that bees love.

The early evenings here at The Resource Centre are peaceful and all I can hear, through the open window, is the sound of birdsong.

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**A follower of my Facebook page has identified the species of plant. Visit my Facebook page to discover the name of this stunning, bee attracting plant. **


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