Backstage Iron

Today I find myself reflecting over the fact that, recently, a friend from within the Parkinson’s community invited me to take up a regular weekly slot on his radio show! I was very touched that he would ask me to write and present for a segment of his show.  He has a charming personality as… Read More


A Look Inside

A Look Inside: My Parkinson’s Life in Poetry by me, Dean G. Parsons. Now available to buy, via Amazon, in over 240 territories worldwide. To find out more, see:  A Look Inside 

Plant Mystery

I cannot help but gaze out of the meeting room window, into the gardens of The Resource Centre, in Wickham Market, and notice the beautiful orange roses and the massive shrub with beautiful orange flowers. I have no idea what it is, though! It’s a massive shrub of about 14ft x 16ft. I’ve not seen… Read More

How Did That Happen?

I don’t know about you, but once in a while I need to sit and think about what has been achieved.  Today is a particularly wet, rainy day and so what better opportunity, as I complete administrative and writing tasks, than to think about what has been achieved in the first six months (already!) of… Read More

Being Poetic

I am reflecting over my current writing projects.  One of them is a project that is turning out to be as enjoyable as it is challenging.  Initially, the idea was for me to write a small collection of poetry related to my relationship with Parkinson’s Disease.  As I have been writing the poetry, what is… Read More

How to Plan to Write Right?

I have come to sit at my desk, to write, and I find myself facing what so many writers have described on their own social media and blog sites; an overwhelming sense of wanting to do everything all at once!  I have so many projects in mind and then there is social media to update! … Read More

Writing Newsflash!

I have been dabbling with short stories and this week, I published three of them onto Amazon Kindle. If you are an Amazon Kindle Unlimited member, you will be able to download my e-books for free.  If not, then they are just £2.30. I hope you enjoy them.     (C) Dean Parsons. 2019.

Award Winning Artist Deciphers Codes

“How can we speak the same language and not understand each other, or be understood in a glance without saying a word?  Porcelain, paper pulp and ping pong balls attempt to decipher personal codes.  I’m constantly tripping over my words, like I’m wearing them two sizes too big.” – Tina Hannay. In 2017 local artist,… Read More

The Lifeline Paradox

“They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol. I am at my desk, as the clock fast approaches midnight, thinking about change.  Change is everywhere and it is somehow everything.  Ironically, change is a constant.  That is a fact that does not change.  No matter what is… Read More

Performance or Print?

As I sit here, at my desk, I am wondering about a short story that I have written.  It consists of less than two thousand words and yet it is as complete as any lengthy novel.  The story is rich with drama, intrigue and tension.  The interplay between the characters is one of increasing tension… Read More