A Kiss to Remember

One of the most renowned and outstanding pieces of art was recently within touching  distance from where I was stood.  On the perimeter, a high, red-bricked wall and some black wrought iron gates.  We, being my other-half and our friend, passed through the gates to be met by a beautiful public garden.  This tranquil gem… Read More


Beneath a Mexican Sky

When Paradise Calls.     It was May 1996.  I was twenty-four going on twenty-five years of age.  John Major was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and I felt like I had my whole life ahead of me.  I had spent half of January and pretty much all of February in Australia.  That was… Read More

Being a Case Study

I arrived with a good twenty minutes to spare.  It had started to rain, as I drove into the tiny double-level car park.  I found a little bit of chaos going on.  The car park was full, with no sign warning drivers that there were no available spaces.  Cars were still driving in.  Some drivers… Read More

Witnessing Movie History

I was allowed to sit in the Director’s chair!  This chair was made of light wood and was foldable.  It had black material for the seat and the back rest was of the same black material but with one difference; in bold white capital letters, the word ‘DIRECTOR’.  This was no ordinary chair.  Here, in… Read More

Kangaroo Hops

The idea of it, filled me with excitement.  “Yes, I’m serious, mate” he added.  “I can Supervise trainees and so this is no different.  I guess I should run it by my Boss, but I know you’ll do just fine.  I trust you and I know you’ll be okay”.  I wondered whether this meant he might… Read More

Idols of the Manor

I fully expected that I would have to take off my boots.  As we did so, taking the lead from our friends, my Partner and I managed to cram our boots into the small racks that had been set up outside the entrance to the Manor.  I felt sure that I would not find my… Read More

A Swash-Buckling Day

In 2015, my partner and I joined our friend Clare in the pretty village of Glemham, Suffolk, for a festival held at Glemham Hall. The festival was the Folk East festival.  This festival had only been running for several years but, already, it was becoming a renowned event for traditional folk music, crafts and folk dancing.… Read More

Boating with Controversy

It was a wonderful May morning in 2015.  My Partner and I, with two friends and their dog (her name is Caddy), had decided upon a day boating on The Broads; a delightful and extensive waterway in the counties of Suffolk and Norfolk, here in England. We had set off, early.  Waking up early is never… Read More

Stunts and Submarines

I remember feeling excited.  What little boy doesn’t like going to the office with his Dad and getting the chance to see where his Dad works?  Well, I was no different.  It was all very exciting yet, as we approached the gated entrance, everything looked austere, official and rather foreboding, to me.   My Dad has… Read More

Kicking a Businessman

Theatreland.  Covent Garden. Some friends of ours own a couple of properties in Covent Garden and kindly offered us use of one of them; a delightful studio apartment in Neal Street.  A weekend away.  Perfect. I had noticed some anxiety rising at the idea of travelling on Public Transport.  This was largely due to the… Read More