Free Articles by Dean

Welcome to my ‘Free Articles by Dean’ page.

Here, you will find a selection of articles on subjects that have meaning to me.  From my own life adventures, to aspects of my work, my health and even a selection of the poetry that I write.  I hope that you will enjoy reading.

Please, don’t be shy.  Your comments on my articles are most welcome.  If you feel touched, inspired, interested or even at odds with something I have written, please do share your thoughts by posting a comment.  Join the many numbers of my readers who regularly contribute anything from feedback to ideas and from personal insight through to critical opinion.  I love interacting with my readers and who better to help me continually develop my skills as a writer, than the readers themselves.

Please support my effort to continue offering free articles, by making an occasional small tip/gratuity of just 75p at the following link:  Give a tip/gratuity.

Thank you so much for reading and taking an interest in my work as a writer.

With kindest regards

Dean Parsons.

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