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Bold Media

I have been doing research on how best to build the best online structures into place for my writing career.  My initial focus is on social media.  I have made a number of changes, therefore, to my social media presence.  This was quite a lengthy admin process and so plenty of cups of coffee were […]

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Final Submission

Today, I have submitted my final assignment for the course I have been studying.  I started the course in September 2017.  I had been writing since childhood, for my own pleasure.  I had never shown my writing to others with any regularity.  Writing was my guilty pleasure but, in my heart, I longed to feel […]

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Naming the Writer

One of the aspects of being a writer, that I am currently contemplating, is the idea of a pseudonym.  I’m not wholly comfortable about publishing work in my own name.  I write this blog in my real name and that is okay but, at the moment, I feel uncomfortable about putting my name to anything […]

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“Creativity is the greatest evidence of the nature of the human condition."

Dean Parsons.