Privacy Policy

Hi and thank you for reading my Privacy Notice.

On 25th May, 2018, a new law came into effect that protects your right to privacy, confidentiality and control over how your personal data is used.  This new law is called the General Data Protection Regulation.

Psychotherapy Services:

I would like to reassure you that I do not collate data on any of my clients of my Psychotherapy Services. I follow strict codes of practice around privacy, confidentiality and safety.

I do not use a computer database but, as would be expected, I do hold some minimal information within paper-based client files.  That information is as follows…

  • I hold only paper based files.  I do not use a computer based database.
  • I keep your paper based assessment form, contract and hand written brief notes from each appointment I have with you.  These notes do not carry your name and so any disclosures you make cannot be linked to you. 
  • I store the above information within a locked cabinet, within a locked room, within a locked premises; in line with legislative requirements.
  • I store this information for up to one year, on a needs only basis, after which, your notes are then shredded and disposed of.
  • My work is overseen by my Clinical Supervisor, as is required of all Counsellors and Psychotherapists. She is Accredited by the BACP and has over 20 years of experience. She adheres to the GDPR policy as well.
  • I meet all of the strict requirements to maintain my Accreditation with The National Counselling Society and to maintain my Registered status, enabling me to carry the logo of The Professional Standards Authority.
  • If you see me for therapy or clinical supervision via Skype, I confirm that Skype’s service is encrypted and therefore meets stringent privacy and confidentiality controls, though I have no authority over Skype.
  • If you ask me to see you by a different video call facility, you will not necessarily be protected with encryption in the way that Skype does protect with encryption.  That risk is your choice and your responsibility but I will always recommend use of Skype because it is an encrypted service.
  • If you pay for my services via Paypal,
    you may have to register your details with Paypal in order to make the purchase, unless you already have a Paypal account. Paypal will have its own Privacy Policy.

Writing Services:

  • If you purchase a downloadable product from my book shop, you will be using the PayPal facility in ‘Dean’s Book Shop’. You simply register your name and contact details. PayPal has a privacy policy and complies with relevant legislative requirements on privacy.
  • If you commission me to write for you, I will keep a copy of paper based files in a locked cabinet, in a locked a locked room and anonymised.
  • I store this information for a maximum of one year after your work with me has ended, on a needs only basis, after which your notes are then shredded and disposed of. 
  • I will always retain a copy of any completed written project, for my archive, as evidence of my skill in my writing profession, as part of a portfolio; anonymised.    

E-mail and Web Site:

  • If you contact me, but do not take up one of my services, I do not store your e-mail address in my e-mail Address Book. 
  • If you contact me and you do take up one of my services, I store your e-mail address in my e-mail Address Book.  This makes future communication between us faster and more efficient.
  • My e-mail service provider is GMAIL  The web services they provide are encrypted,  which is one of the reasons I use their excellent web site service.  

By using my services, you agree with the above. You can request, at any time, that I remove any stored, identifying information about you and I will be pleased to comply.

Please be assured that nothing is more important to me than your privacy, confidentiality and safety.  My reputation depends upon that.

Thank you,

Dean Parsons.

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