Therapy Shop

Welcome to the ‘Therapy Shop’.

Please note:

Always make sure your appointment has been agreed and booked in by Dean, before purchasing.

24 hours advanced notice of cancellation is required, or the fee for your appointment will remain payable.

A Free ’15 Minute Consultation’ about any of my services is available by telephone to: 07714 308 286

Introductory Session


Counselling / Psychotherapy for 1 Person.


Counselling for a Couple


Family Therapy

Minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 6 people.


Counselling / Psychotherapy for a Group: fee for 1 person.


Counselling / Psychotherapy via Skype: for 1 person.


Clinical Supervision In-Person: 1.5 hrs


Clinical Supervision In-Person: 1.5hrs For 1 Group Member


Clinical Supervision via Skype: 1.5 hrs.


Letters / Reports / Forms / References


Clinical Supervision Record Keeping Audit

Price is per hour.



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