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Hello and welcome to my ‘Writing Services’ page.  


I remember stories of adventure and mystery.  There would be fantastic characters and places of incredible wonder.  I would be whisked off into a world of imagination as I visualised everything my parents described to me.  I would be tucked into bed, not the slightest bit sleepy, looking at my amazing parents with awe.  They would switch on my nightlight, which had a soft, warm orange glow.  They would then recount to me mystical, magical and fanciful adventures that came cascading out of their own vivid and vibrant imaginations.   The gentle orange glow of my nightlight serving almost as the warm, flickering orange of a woodland fire; a place for story telling.

Sometimes, we would sit and read books together, once I was tucked into bed at night, with my dog at the foot of my bed.  His name was Rebel.  He was a beautiful black Alsatian.  He loved this ritual, too, and I am sure he was just as eager to hear what my mum and dad would present.  It was never a dull narrative.  My parents would put on the voices and act out the facial expressions of the many richly described characters that peopled their stories.  The boy that I was, with Rebel alongside me, would be mesmerise


I am in my late forties. Alongside being a writer, I am also a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.  Being a psychotherapist, too, means that my skills and insight within language and communication are a vital attribute to my success in my work. 

I live in the beautiful county of Suffolk, in England.  I live in a centuries-old cottage within a vibrant, artistic coastal community.    I am blessed to have a partner of more than two decades and we now have two very cheeky little dogs.  I have Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease but I remain very active both as a writer and in my psychotherapy career.  I have written all of my life and I achieved a Diploma in Creative Writing in 2019.

There is an art to writing.  Within this site, you will be able to read my own blog articles and, if you would like to commission me for a writing project, you can simply contact me via the contact form page of this site.  


Writing Services:

Life Writing

Short Stories

Plays for Stage, Television and Radio


Writing for Children

Drama and Serial Drama for Television and Radio


Script Writing

Journalistic and Non-Fiction Writing

Articles for Magazines. Newspapers and Internet Publication

Presentations for Occasions including: Memorials, Commemorations, Anniversaries and Speeches.


Thank you for taking an interest in my work.  This site is interactive.  You will find that many readers offer comments in response to my articles here and I welcome your comments on my articles, too.

With kindest regards


Dean Parsons. 

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Twitter: @DeanParsonsUK


Please note that the entire content of this site is protected by copyright law.  


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